Our Course Structure

At YHJS, similar to schools in Japan, classes are divided into three main levels: nursery, primary, and secondary. Below, we provide a brief overview of the subjects studied at each level.

Nursery – Age 4 to 6

In the nursery, the focus is on enhancing conversational skills and introducing children to Japanese culture in a playful and enjoyable learning environment. Through activities such as nursery rhymes, rhythmic exercises, sing-alongs, and traditional Japanese games and performances, students become familiar with hiragana and katakana by the end of the two years. They also learn the basics of reading and writing, preparing them for the transition to the primary level.

A nursery lesson

Japanese handwriting worksheet.
A japanese writing worksheet with a castle on it.
A woman standing in a classroom.

Primary – Age 6 to 11

At primary level, classes follow the curriculum established by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). The lessons focus on improving the four language skills – reading, writing, speaking, and listening – to ensure that students can easily integrate into the Japanese education system if they return to Japan. Alongside the Japanese curriculum, students also learn about Japanese culture. Each year, students submit entries in the Overseas Children’s Literary Works Contest organized by a public-interest foundation, and they have received various awards over the years in categories such as composition, poetry, tanka, and haiku.

Chinese writing worksheets chinese writing worksheets chinese writing worksheets chinese writing worksheets chi.
A japanese character in a green hat is on a sheet of paper.
A child's drawing of a building in japanese.

Secondary – Age 11 to 15

At secondary level, as at primary level, classes follow the curriculum outlined by MEXT. However, the content is more advanced than that at primary level, aiming for students to express themselves freely in Japanese both orally and in writing. The students experience engaging instruction similar to that provided to students in Japan. As at primary level, students secondary level submit entries each year to the Overseas Children’s Literary Works Contest, and they have received various awards in a number of categories.

A sheet of paper with chinese characters on it.
Japanese writing paper on a desk.
A japanese page with a sheep and a house.

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