YHJS Events

At YHJS, various events are held throughout the year. These events are organized to enrich the curriculum and provide children living in the UK with genuine experiences of Japanese culture. Additionally, through each event, students have the opportunity to strengthen friendships and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Entrance Ceremony

Every year in April, YHJS holds entrance ceremonies to celebrate the enrollment of new students in the nursery, primary, and secondary sections, respectively. Additionally, we hold an opening ceremony at the beginning of the two other semesters. During these ceremonies, speeches explaining the school’s principles are delivered to welcome new students, and commemorative group photos are taken.

Calligraphy Day

Every year in January, YHJS holds a calligraphy event, open to all students from in third year and above, to celebrate the new year. Students use dedicated paper to write kanji using the traditional brush and ink method, making this a highly anticipated and enjoyable event for all participants.

Biannual Bazaar

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, YHJS holds a bazaar. Participants bring in unwanted items such as old toys, clothes, and picture books. Additionally, parents sell Japanese food and drinks prepared at home. The proceeds from the bazaar are donated to YHJS. The bazaar is a beloved event for students, offering a treasure trove of items to buy and contributing to the vibrant spirit of the school.

Sports Day

One eagerly anticipated event for the students is the school’s sports day. The students are divided into two teams, red and white, and participate in various traditional games, competing to earn points for their teams. Sports day features a variety of activities, including tug-of-war, ball toss, relay races, obstacle courses, and more. At the end of the sports day, the winning team is announced, and everyone celebrates with a picnic.


In the autumn, YHJS hosts an indoor reading presentation. The nursery children perform plays, while primary and secondary students read stories and poems they’ve learned from their textbooks. Students, having practiced for weeks with their teachers, eagerly look forward to their performances.

Christmas Party

In December, YHJS hosts a Christmas party. Every year, Father Christmas visits, distributing gifts to the nursery children. The event also includes games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, bingo, and more.

Observation Day

Every year, we provide parents with the opportunity to attend classes and witness the excellent work of our teachers. Students eagerly look forward to this occasion, where parents can see how they have been studying and share in the excitement of their learning experience.

Graduation Ceremony

Every year in March, we hold graduation ceremonies for the nursery, primary, and secondary sections. The transitions of the senior nursery students, sixth-year primary students, and third-year secondary students are celebrated by the all current students, teachers, and parents. Additionally, a closing ceremony is held, marking the end of the school year.

Enrol at YHJS

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