HN’s Testimonial

HN’s Testimonial

My son joined the Yorkshire and Humberside Japanese School when he turned four years old. On the day of the trial visit, my son himself wanted to join after seeing how many pupils enjoy learning Japanese songs and hiragana.

Just that day, during break time, I saw the pupils moving energetically to the music of “Radio rhythmic exercises” and thought that my son could experience the same as I did at Primary School in Japan, so I decided to enrol him.

At the YHJS, students can learn about various Japanese events that they cannot experience at home, such as Sports Day, Japanese reading presentation, and the New Year’s calligraphy.

In addition, the school uses the same textbooks as Japanese elementary schools, and they are able to experience Japanese culture through the lessons and school life.

As a parent, I was happy that he could learn the same stories that I had learnt in primary school.

At first, I was hoping he would learn a level of Japanese that would allow him to enjoy Japanese TV and manga, or in preparation for the day when we will be living in Japan…

However, I saw my son and other students gradually setting their sights higher, following the example of their seniors who were taking GCSE Japanese.

Thanks to the days we have spent at the school, I feel that we have gained more than just learning Japanese language.

By meeting friends who study together at this school and supporting each other, he was able to build up his identity as a Japanese person while living in the UK.

Yorkshire and Humberside Japanese School is a small school with a very warm and homely atmosphere.

As a parent, I sometimes felt worried and lonely because of the unfamiliar environment living in the north of England, but since entering the YHJS, I have been very grateful to have a place where I can discuss various aspects of raising a child and life in the UK.

The YHJS is a wonderful school where children can learn the Power of Language, and respect each other’s individuality.

I am sure many children from our school will spread their wings in their fields of endeavour in the future.

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