YS’s Testimonial

I first heard about the Yorkshire and Humberside Japanese School on the Japanese Embassy’s website. At the time, my son was four years old, and I wanted to give him more exposure to the Japanese language.

Initially, he joined the nursery and studying at the school on Saturdays quickly became his favourite day of the week. The songs and origami crafts were the same as those at Japanese preschools, and the parents also enjoyed spending time together. The nursery also had homework, and I think this helped my son develop the habit of studying at home.

As soon as my son entered the first grade, the school went online due to the pandemic. Both my son and I were anxious. However, when I felt lost or discouraged my son’s teacher was very kind and supportive.

We now meet other parents and children outside of Yorkshire and Humberside Japanese School too. This includes sleepovers and going camping together. I am looking forward to continuing my friendship with the other families who attend Yorkshire and Humberside Japanese School while my son progresses through the curriculum. I truly believe that the time spent at Yorkshire Humberside Japanese Language School will be a valuable experience for the children and will provide them with a prosperous future.